Carnivorous Bog Garden Kit – 3 plant assortment


Carnivorous plant bog garden – 3 plants

This makes an incredible gift - even if it's to yourself!!! - with a variety of 3 different carnivorous bog plants which you can watch grow and transform into stunning adulthood!

These plants will not need to be potted on for another 2 - 3 years (unless you'd like to expedite each plant's growth).

Each bog contains:

  • 1 x Sarracenia (aka Trumpet pitcher plant - EXTREMELY effective fly, ant and cockroach catcher)
  • 1 x Venus Fly Trap (The rockstar of the carnivorous plant world!)
  • 1 x Drosera (aka Sundew - the one that bites mosquitoes back!!!)
  • Carnivorous plant soil
  • 10cm Plant pot

DID YOU KNOW?!  Contrary to popular belief, they don't release a bad smell at all!!!

Should you wish to turn this into separately potted plants, we sell carnivorous plant potting media here too. Plants are selected at random from available stock


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