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Trying to get the site going again


Hello everyone!
I am sorry that things have been very slow on the site for awhile now, that is set to change. After some expansion growing pains, we are starting to get our products seen further and further afield, I will be working on and updating the site on a weekly basis until spring. Pans Carnivores will now be distributed in Gauteng by Colorweis Wholesale Nursery, please take a look at the new Drosera Regia plans in store, they are very nice and big, get yours now.

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Pan is back in action!

Hello everybody!, Spring is over and we are in to full summer. Plants are growing fast and we have some really nice new additions to our line up! Below is Leah Wilkerson X Brooks Hybrid, a S.Moorei variant that we have succcesfully propagated in the Lab. Look out for these in the store they are radical. only have a few small plants available.

Sarracenia Leah Wilkerson Brooks Hybrid
Sarracenia Leah Wilkerson Brooks Hybrid